Snow Dragon

Snow had been falling steadily all through the night, leaving a fresh glittery blanket across the forest. It was a winter wonderland fir for a dragon, Snap decided. He bundled up in his warmest knits and ran his way into the deep snow. Everything was so sparkly and nice! Snap ran about, leaving little dragon footprints as he went, making snowballs, snow angels, snow anything he could think of.

Until he came upon the realization that there was no one around to enjoy his snow creations. So he decided to make himself a snow friend. He rolled snowballs around again and again, until they were big enough to make the body and head of a snow friend. Plopping the smaller one atop the larger and decorating it with sticks, buttons, stones and mitts, his snow dragon was almost complete. There was something missing though.

Horns! He needed horns, snowmen had carrot noses so snow dragons must have carrot horns. Snap rushed home to borrow a couple of carrots from the kitchen for his newly made friend. Once the snow dragon was complete he spent the rest of the day outside playing in the snow with his snow dragon friend. When the sun began to dip in the sky, he headed home, promising his friend he’d be back tomorrow after a hot chocolate to keep him warm.

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