Snap Goes Fishing

Patience was never something Snap had been especially good at. Waiting seemed to fill time with nothing, whereas there were so many fun things he could be doing instead! All around him there were trees to climb, frogs to chase and bugs to catch. Even a pond to swim in, but that was for another time. Now it was time for Snap to fish.

He’d checked the rod and line twice to be sure it was working properly so the malfunction must have been on the fish’s end. None of them were biting! Even though it was lunch time, none of the fish seemed even the slightest bit peckish, so Snap had to keep waiting and waiting for what seemed like forever.

After what could have been 5 minutes or an hour there was finally a tug on the line. Could it be? A fish? Finally! Snap gave a mighty tug for his diminutive size and the other fish in the pond watched in awe as a massive carp the size of snap himself was flung through the air. Victory!

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