Cuddling by the fire with his extra blanket to keep warm, Snap was just finishing the little makeshift campfire he’d constructed. His campsite was long since finished and it was already dark, stars twinkling in the night sky. It was peaceful in the forest tonight, a great night to camp and roast a few marshmallows. The crickets were singing and soon the fire would be crackling as well.

Fiddling with the bag of marshmallows clutched close to his chest, Snap prepared himself to start the fire. He was much smaller than the other dragons and didn’t have as much ease with dragon-y type things, like breathing fires. He would still do his best. Taking a big inhale, Snap let the warmth of the building flame surround him. Once the fire grew enough inside him he exhaled it back out into the waiting firepit.

The flames roared to life and soon the crickets were joined by the crackling flames Snap had created. Plucking a marshmallow from the bag he promptly scorched it to the point of no return, fashioning the still burning marshmallow into a fiery smore and gobbling it down, fire and all.

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